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5 Tips to help you decide which crypto to invest in


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Investing in the right cryptocurrency is very important if you want to generate good returns on investment. Over 4000 cryptocurrencies are out in the market, and choosing between such numbers can be a headache. To avoid getting scammed and heavy losses, investors follow a set of rules that help them choose coins they want to invest in. 

Without further ado, allow us to share some tips which will help you choose your desired crypto coin. 

1) Interact with the community

The first thing you need to check about a cryptocurrency is its popularity. If it has a strong following, it will be reliable as many investors trust it. These communities, like the one on Reddit, provide news regarding the recent trends and changes. 

It can be a great way to clear your questions and seek advice from existing traders on the platform. There are all sorts of communities available for different cryptocurrencies, ranging from large to small. 

If you are new to trading, interacting in these communities would be a great way to start your journey. 

2) Analyse the technology

Another thing you may want to check is which coin provides a better performance and offers something unique compared to others. Look out for the feature it provides, like smart contracts and security. 

The coin must have up-to-date technology as it would provide a safe platform for investing. 

3) Find more about the team behind the crypto

Successful cryptocurrency investors have a strong team working on it. You should find out and learn more about the innovator behind it. That can give you a hint about the idea behind the creation. 

By analyzing the team record and progress you can figure out the success rate and decide whether you can trust them or not. The team is a deciding factor over the growth and success of any cryptocurrency.

4) Check the price history

Learning the price history will give you an idea about the nature of cryptocurrency. You will know if it is volatile or not and the potential profit investors have earned during the period. 

It can also prove to be a good tool to measure future forecasts. It is hard to predict the future of a coin value given the fluctuations is often too high. Therefore one should only stick with the fundamentals of trading. 

5) Check their reputation

One of the significant factors that you should consider is the reputation and the credibility of the crypto coin. Popularity should not influence your attention. Always look for how long has it been since the coin launch and the reviews left by the users. It will give you a good idea about how satisfied the users are. 

Check if the platform has a history of scams or hacks. If it does, you should probably not invest in that particular coin as it would put your investment at risk. Scams are also on the rise, so make sure to avoid them. One prime example is the Ponzi scheme of the Bitconnect.

Final thoughts: 

When investing in cryptocurrency, the last thing you want is to lose it all. Proper research is necessary before trading in a particular coin. You should invest in more than one cryptocurrency to expand your options and investments. You can avoid losing a hefty amount of money and can analyze the market of different coins.