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Top 10 companies that adopt bitcoin


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Bitcoin has gained popularity ever since it has taken over the cryptocurrency market. It has encouraged many large companies to accept bitcoin for payment. 

These firms have benefitted from the early adoption of the coin that helped them become more marketable and stay up to date. 

Below are the top 10 companies that have accepted bitcoin.

1) Microsoft 

Microsoft has been accepting bitcoins since 2014 for Xbox stores. They halted their service due to volatility in the market but are now welcoming it again for Xbox store credits only. 

BillGates, the founder of Microsoft has also commented on bitcoin. He said, “Bitcoin is better than currency”

2) Starbucks

Starbucks partnered up with cryptocurrency “Bakkt cash” to let users pay for food and coffee via mobile app. They do not accept bitcoins directly but through the bakkt app. 

Starbucks have begun to accept bitcoin payment with the help of the bakkt app from mid-2020. It means you can now use bitcoin for payment in Starbucks!

3) Overstock

This American company currently sells furniture. It partnered up with coinbase to accept bitcoin payments for their online orders. They even hold bitcoins that show they are in for the long haul. They not only take bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies as well.

You can checkout through their website by choosing bitcoin as the mean of payment.

4) Twitch

The well-known streaming platform has enabled the users to tip each other with four different cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. 

Twitch streamers can now connect coinbase account with streamlabs to start making money.

It has millions of visitors every month and is currently one of the top 50 visited websites.

5) Wikipedia

The popular non-profit organization Wikipedia announced the acceptance of donations in bitcoins. It had been accepting BTC since 2014 after partnering with coinbase. Recently it collaborated with Bitpay to accept bitcoin cash (BCH). 

Bitpay is also known for working with other non-profit companies to accept cryptocurrency as a form of donation. 

6) AT&T

AT&T became the first mobile carrier to introduce the option of cryptocurrency as a payment option. Through the bitpay app, you can make purchases by choosing the bitcoin payment option. 

7) Burger King

In late 2019, Burger King in Venezuela started to accept several cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. The company partnered with Dash Core Group and Crypto Buyer to help consumers pay through crypto. 

The company also adopted crypto in Germany in the same year. Some locations in the Netherlands also started to accept cryptocurrency back in the year 2016.

8) Namecheap

Namecheap is a domain registration and web-hosting firm located in the US. They became the fifth largest site in the world to accept Bitcoin. 

Like most companies, they rely on bitpay as the medium of transactions. 

9) BMW

You can now buy new and used cars by using Bitcoin! Buyers can now choose from the staggering options and buy a car from the dealership. 

10) Newegg

Newegg is a leading computer hardware store that accepts bitcoin. It has recently announced to extend this means of payment to 73 new countries worldwide. Like most of the companies, they partnered with Bitpay, trusted by 35,000 merchants. 

Adopting bitcoin as a payment method is another way we’re responding to our customers’ diverse needs” 

Said Soren Mills- Founder of Newegg, upon collaborating with Bitpay.

Final thoughts:

Many businesses have begun to adopt bitcoin, but it could take much more time for it to be accepted worldwide. There is no denying the perks bitcoin offers, but it also has drawbacks a business should consider before adopting it.

A business should do research and analyze the situation of bitcoin before adopting it. It will help businesses prevent financial loss and bankruptcy.